Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ummmm, I could use a little help around here!

After a glorious 2 1/2 weeks with my parents visiting with us, today was my first day throw back to the wolves alone.  Whenever visitors leave my first thoughts are always the same  "How the heck am I supposed to do this?"  followed closely behind by "I am tired!"  Not to say that I don't realistically know how to care for the kiddos and all, but when my folks are around or say my in-laws, I think the days fly by quicker and everyone seems so much more entertained to do nothing at long as we can do nothing together!  I love love love having visitors whether it be over night guests or just a friend pop by since Oz (my husband) is usually gone anywhere between 11 and 14 or so hours a day working.  My kids tend to drive me bonkers and any break from reality is always appreciated!

Today started out like any other day...except my 2 year old got up at 5:30AM followed closely behind by Tweedle Dee around 5:45AM.  I am lucky enough that my mom, "Nana" seems to think that sleeping more than 4 hours is completely unnecessary, so when the boys have woken at the crack of dawn while she and my dad were here, she promptly swoooooped them into the play room so the hubs and I could get some beauty sleep.  Needless to say we had ample time to get Oscar fed and ready for school by the 8:25AM departure time.

The other HUGE getting used to factor are my runs.  Prior to the arrival of the parents my runs were done either in the wee hours of the morning alone, during the day with the glorious B.O.B double jogger packed full of 2 kids, juices, snacks and the occasionally Buzz or Woody OR most recently I gave in and had been doing the treadmill thing at the gym (which I have an hour and fifteen minute maximum use of the daycare.)  The hubs works hellish hour with more often than not, no days off so a night run and weekend runs are always tricky as I am having to hunt down Oz and try and pick his brain as to just when he will be in our home long enough for me to squeeze a run in.  This weekends 20 miler is still up in the air.  Not as easy as the previous one where I just informed my folks that I would be departing the house at 5:15AM and would be home by 9AM.  I am seriously not sure just when the 20 miler will work into the picture, but it must as Miami is a mere 25 days away and like always I have high aspirations and tend to bite off waaaaay more than I can chew.

The one light at the end of the tunnel is that both my boys are always in bed at 6:30PM and so come 6:31PM I have a quiet house and can do as I choose!

Oscar Strawberry Picking with Nan and PopPop

Jax and Oz at the hydroponic strawberry farm

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  1. Not sure I can relate to my husband working quite that much but he does travel a lot. Kudos to you for finding ways to get it done!! My family lives 30 minutes away. So convenient. I LOVE doing nothing with them! Sounds like your hubby is pretty supportive-that's a serious blessing! Cute kids:)