Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lots Happening

Lots going on down here in Florida...
1.  After my 21 miler on Saturday I found myself taking a few days off.  I always set such high aspirations for peaceful runs when my husband is off, (varies from week to week but this week he was off Monday and Tuesday) but for some reason when he actually is off and I have all the time in the world to run, I find myself being a hermit and just wanting to stay home and veg out.  I wear running shorts and a sports bra all day long thinking that time will come when I will bolt out the door, but instead I find myself reading on a lounge chair in the backyard or curled up in bed half napping half watching "What Not To Wear."  Ugh and then I reflect Wednesday morning when Oz goes to work and kick myself for being so stupid for not running when I had the chance to be outside, kid free, treadmill free and not during the crack of dawn.  So, instead of running those days, I built this....and believe me it was much much harder than any run I could have gone on.  At one point my husband said "why are you even doing this, it is frustrating you so much."  So, I walked away and then 3 minutes later went at it again because I could not be defeated by a marble set-up.

2.  Bringing me to point # 2!  So, I did go for a 5 miler yesterday and found myself with some serious foot pain running down the outside of my right foot.  I do not recall hurting it or anything so that has sent me into a tizzy.  I have Marathon #1 2 weeks from Sunday and now I have this pain in my foot that yesterday made me think my high aspirations for a solid race will now involve ....I can't even bring myself to write it  (in a whisper...WALKING!)  ahhhhhhhhhhhh......

3.  I feel like a shmuck for even commenting on Florida weather simply because I know many of my actual 5 readers of this blog reside in locals that are much much colder, snowier, rainier, than here.  BUT with that said when it does get cold here (and last night our windchill was below 30 I have to tent my garden and I spend all night envisioning my poor garden dead because of the freeze.)  When I hear the nightly news do a piece on the Florida crops killed by a cold snap I think that they are talking about my little garden and my husband has to bring me back to reality that my garden does not supply anyone besides our family and a few friends.  But I mean it is like my 3rd child...I spend a lot of time babying the thing and freezing my butt off trying to wrap it up when needed.

4.  After months and months of doctors and therapists hemming and hawing my little Googles (real name Jax) was diagnosed with Autism today.  Very low end of the spectrum but none the less he's on there and my emotions are all over the place.  I am sad and confused and thinking "what did I do wrong during my pregnancy, during those first months, etc."  It is enough to make you go simply mad!  But seriously I am just so grateful that there is finally an answer.  I have known something was "off" for ages but people always have to chime in and say how they see nothing and there kid doesn't talk either, or is a picky eater too or throws fits also....It is just reassuring that someone else besides myself and family finally see it and we have a point to move forward from.  

5.  To run or not to run....My foot is feeling better today and I want to test it out tonight on the treadmill at the gym, but I ought to just wait it out and maybe shoot for tomorrow.  It is hard for me to stay I go back to my pre kids roots and bake because doesn't it make sense to eat baked goods when you can't even do any physical activity to burn it off???
pumpkin choc chip cake6
6. Saw this quote and loved it
"What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals."
Zig Ziglar


  1. Hey you! What a wonderful post this much going on but yet I was hearing you through the whole thing. So glad you have answers with your son. Do you read Barefoot Angie bee's blog? Her son has autism and she is very involved in the Autism Society and so she might be a great resource, friend, and just someone who understands (running and having a son with Autism). Love your marble contraption! Lucky kids! I am so sorry to hear about your foot...I hope it goes away soon. And hang in there with the crazy Florida weather. Thanks for your comment on my blog. So impressed that your hubby likes Tofu. And yes, alone time without kids no matter what is a slice of heaven!

  2. i really enjoy reading your posts Heather. so proud of you lady!!!