Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dear Speed Demons...

My Dearest Bloggy Speed Demons,

Hello there, I hope I am catching you all at a GREAT time because I have a favor to ask you....just a small favor and I hope you can help me.  So, here it is...I want to be fast like you.  I want to someday get a BQ and hoping for it sooner rather than later.

All I am asking for is for you to let me into your "circle of trust," and share with me where you get the pill or powder or whatever it is you take because I can't imagine it takes "hard work" or "just comes naturally."  I swear I won't tell your secrets and I won't invite anyone else into the "circle."

So, that is it...all I really want is to be fast like you..A-SAP.  Comprendo?  Thanks a million.

You friend,

P.S. - I know nothing about speed work besides running sprints the length of a soccer fiend or doing suicides on a basketball that bad?


  1. SO sorry I can't help you with the inner circle of trust... I'm about 28:02 off a BQ. But, I can help you with the taper. My coach, Q, a very experienced BQ marathoner sent us a letter when we went into the taper. I laughed so hard when I read it, and he granted me permission to publish it to the blog...
    I hope you're able to enjoy his somewhat odd sense humor as much as I was. Enjoy!

  2. Ha ha! I think I know the secret. It doesn't take hard work and it requires you to eat a lot of cinnamon rolls. I've been failing on the cinnamon rolls lately and I'm pretty sure it's slowing me down......time to go make more:)

    The more you run, the faster you get even without speedwork. You really want to get faster- one speedwork, one tempo session per week will get you there. I strongly DISLIKE speedwork:) If someone entrusts you with that special pill-PLEASE share!

    Hope you're having a great weekend:)

  3. Jenn has good advice w/ the speed and tempo days. I am not a speed demon at all, but I have noticed that by adding one either speed OR tempo to my week (I can only run 3 days a week) I have gotten significantly faster in the 4 weeks I've been doing it. And I'd say that your knowledge of speedwork isn't all that bad! Lol.

  4. Oh yes...cinnamon rolls and Coffee!!! and lots of miles, done smartly.