Friday, January 28, 2011

Off & Running

First and foremost...I am completely humbled by the fact that 18 people are following my blog.  I believe the number jumped up yesterday and I am shocked each and every time I check my blog and see new followers and comments from new bloggy friends.  

Moving along....the car is packed and I am ready to go.  Driving to Miami today with my friend Jenn and picking up Randi (Iron Strand 2010) from the Miami Airport.  Our 4 other friends will arrive over the next 24 hours.  I am excited to say that my husband who tends to be a work-a-holic somehow got the weekend off so he will be arriving tomorrow and be there to watch me on Sunday, race day and my Birthday.

Everything happens for a reason and today I am feeling great.  Ready to run, ready to take that next step as a runner.  My body feels great, my mind feels great and whatever happens on Sunday I will be proud that I trained for months to do something many people would not even attempt.

While packing up my car I looked up and saw the simply most amazing cloud striations in the sky.  Both my mom and I grabbed our cameras since neither of us have ever scene anything like it before.

Truly amazing if you ask me.  

So..Off I go to Miami for what is sure to be an amazing weekend with friends.  I can't wit to share my experience with everyone when I arrive home.  Send good thoughts my way Sunday morning... and I can say with all honesty that the support I have felt and the feedback I have received these past 3 weeks from all of you has re energized me and made this whole experience so much more exciting.  I feel like I have a team behind me!  

Have a wonderful weekend full of running, relaxing and cherishing the time with family and loved ones.


  1. Wishing you a wonderful birthday, Sunday and RACE DAY!!!

    Go get 'em…you are so ready!

  2. Do I count as one of your followers? GOOD luck on Sunday! I'll be thinking about you from snowy Brooklyn - I can't wait to hear details!

  3. Have FUN! And remember, it's always OK to shout "NEED MORE COWBELL" at the spectators, they love it. I'm not sure if he's there, but if you happen to see RW writer Bart Yasso spectating (which he does quite a bit at the big races), be sure you yell, "IT's G's BFF BART YASSO" when you run past him. I promise, he will totally get it.