Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Stylin' and Profilin'

Note...for some reason my posts are getting all messed up and things are being left out and I am losing my patience...hoping it works this time!

To my shock, amazement, and some "jazz hands," I accept The Stylish Blogger Award from Jenn @ Running Sane.  (If only you could see me in my too-large pj pants, long sleeved bright green turkey trot t-shirt and barefoot...and it's 4:22 in the afternoon!)

From reading many Stylish Blogger Awards the past few weeks I believe I must now share 7 things about myself and then tag someone else to do the same....( I think that rules have become a bit more lax as it is going to take a little searching to find someone who has not received this most prestigious award...)
(a little fyi, these may be a bit random as I did 31 things about me the other week and that was tough for me and I am hoping not to repeat...)

1.  Milk
I am a freak of nature.  I drink a gallon of SKIM milk every 2 days...that's about 4 gallons a week.  I LOVE MILK.  Nobody else in my family drinks "cow" milk, so I am not going to lie, I drink it straight out of the gallon.  Just me and my gallon of milk.  It quenches my thirst, goes great with everything I eat and puts a smile on my face.  If I forget to lug my gallon over to the couch (my husband and I tend to eat dinners late when he gets home from his Chef duties), all I have to do is say "Oz" and he automatically jumps up and retrieves my gallon for me.  My "relationship" with skim milk goes back many many years, to my earliest memory of childhood when our fridge would be packed with those cardboard 1/2 gallons of milk...my mom even had a Tupperware milk holder that held the 1/2 gallon.  To this day if you were to ask any of my Rochester, NY amigos from childhood they would definitely be able to tell you I was just as obsessed with it back then....(don't judge me by my milk consumption)

2. Summer Camp
When I think back to my childhood I think some of my fondest memories are of the 2 weeks I spent every summer for about 8 years at Camp Stella Maris on Conesus Lake in Upstate New York.  I went the same weeks every year (weeks C & D), the last 2 weeks of July.  From this camp I gained a love for musical artists that most kids my age would NOT have been into as I was elementary age when I started going to this camp, maybe 7 or 8 years old.  Some of my favorites were and still are  Sting, James Taylor, Indigo Girls, and They Might Be Giants.  I often wish that there was summer camp for adults as I could use a break from my life occasionally and wouldn't mind doing some arts and crafts, playing tether ball and swimming endlessly in a lake with friends.

3. Coffee
I have a very odd relationship with coffee.  I am by NO means a coffee snob, but very particular.  Our coffee at home is Whole Foods Italian roast that I grind every morning.  To that I I add a rather large pour of Coffee Mate Vanilla Creamer.  (not sugar or fat free)  BUT that is where I become a little "odd."  I don't like to drink coffee with food and I don't gulp it down fast, so many mornings I make this nice tasty beverage to take a few sips and am done, leaving a 1/2 full cup of coffee on the counter. (If we go out to breakfast I get unsweetened iced tea)  My mom told my friends that I "like the IDEA if coffee."  I don't believe that...life is always chaotic around here and so it is not like I get to sit down with my coffee, watching the morning news and relax.  I do have some favorite coffee places and I will share my favorites...
Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf- those of you living no the west coast are some lucky duckers!  I dream of an Ice Blended Vanilla Extreme DAILY! (no milk, all coffee extract)
Whole Foods-  Since we have no Coffee Beans here in Florida, Whole foods makes a mean non-fat blended espresso, hold the whip cream
& Finally Starbucks- I am always happiest when it is Pumpkin Spice latte time (also non fat)
When I get any of these tasty treats I definitely slurp the whole thing up....and I don't get them much so it is a HUGE treat!

4. My Friends
I'm the blond
I am the blond on the left with the braid
I am lucky enough to have the most amazing friends.  Since I have no family living in Florida it is important to have a great support system and for me that is my friends.  

5. Lance Armstrong Quote
I read Lance Armstrong's 2 books many years ago but one quote still sticks out in my mind daily as I kinda feel the same way...
When asked what pleasure Lance Armstrong gets from biking for so long he responded, "I don't do it for the pleasure. I do it for the pain."
I love to push myself and sweat and be sore and maybe that makes me nuts, but that is just me!

6. Vacationing
ahhhh a girl can dream right?

7. Restaurant
It is my dream for my husband and I to own and operate a breakfast/lunch cafe.  I love to work alongside him in the kitchen and think it would be the ideal situation for us.  Have you seen "It's Complicated" with Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin?  The Bakery/Restaurant Meryl had is exactly what I am hoping for!  (maybe a pipe dream?)  I want a place that is cozy, comfortable and has an eclectic menu...in addition I want a pastry counter with all sorts of goodies that people can take home with them....

So, now I must tag someone else to share 7 interesting things about themselves.  I believe G @ Neurosis of the Stay at Home Marathoner of 3 (Kids) may not have received this prestigious award yet.


  1. I am not about to try and re write this for the 10th time so we will just leave the "Vacationing" section as is....

  2. oh you are SO sweet. Thanks.

    Well, about summer camp. We have that in common. I used to work on a summer camp for the entire summer, and when we would clean the horse troughs (hug metal tubs that could fit 2 teenage girls in them easy) we would sing and harmonize They Might Be Giant's Theme song from Flood as our warm up song. ~sigh~ those were the days.

  3. That's A LOT of milk!! Maybe you should invest in a cow ;) Have you ever seen the Jackass show where the guy chuggs a gallon of milk FAST? The consequence was...n a s t y!!!

  4. I will come to your restaurant....that would be so much fun!! K, you are GORGEOUS!!! I LOVE LOVE milk too. Awesome Lance quote...I will be saying that to myself from now on!
    I am going to come visit you and go to the whole in the wall place and eat fish with you!!
    You have a marathon this month?!?! That is so awesome, I can't wait to hear all about it!

  5. Ooh! This is great! I'm behind again!

    I'm laughing at Nellie's comment about investing in a cow. I don't drink milk-not for any reason except that I don't like it! I'm totally with you on the Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice Latte though!

    I love the restuarant dream! Also, the friends! Good friends, SUCH a blessing!! On to read your latest post!!!

  6. GReat list.. Wow I thought I liked milk and I only have 1 glass a day..

  7. I just came across your post about CSM in a search and want to thank you for the shout out and link! We have been growing our non-summer programs in the past 10 years and now offer "summer camp" for adults in a few ways!

    Here is a link to our Women's Getaway Weekend!
    CSM Women's Getaway Weekend

    If you are ever in the area and would like to tour camp again and see the old (and new) sights, please don't hesitate to let me know!

    Adam Bell, Camp Director
    Camp Stella Maris