Friday, January 14, 2011

FaVoRiTe ThInGs FrIdAy!!!

1st things list.....somehow, someway my foot is "better?"  No really it is, I am sooooooo NOT lying.  It does still hurt a bit when I am barefoot or wearing my rainbow sandals, but as long as I wear my running sneakers or any sneaker is seems to be fine.  Ran a quick 4 miles on the gym treadmill (8:25 pace) and felt like a million bucks.....

FAVORITE THINGS FRIDAY (Oprah can do it so why can't I???)
A fun look at the food, fun, family and fitness things that work for my family and may work for you too!  

Friendship Whipped Cottage Cheese
"It's just cottage cheese" you may say and to that I would say" "Ohhhhhh NO it isn't!"  Have you ever tried Friendship Whipped cottage cheese?  I am a HUGE cottage cheese fan.  I pair it with just about everything and anything.  The reason it is so unbelievable is because it is a "dry" cottage cheese and it is not large curds, but rather almost a pureed consistency.  It is delightful...  TRY IT!
Trader Joe's Pumpkin Bread Mix
 Even though I spent many years baking and making every dessert from scratch, now that I am home and not in a professional kitchen I try to find good products that are quick and easy and many times way more cost effective than purchasing all the ingredients that would go into a cake, etc.  This pumpkin mix is UNBELIEVABLE!  I don't even have a Trader Joe's in Florida, but luckily my parents grab me a few boxes whenever they are coming in for a visit.  AND you can use TJ's pumpkin butter in place of the oil to make it that much better.  (I tend to add heaping cups of chocolate chips also...

Toy Story Yahtzee

We are a big time game family and finding games that can actually be played with a 4 year old where all of the rules can be followed can be tough.  ( many games make me want to rip my hair out and seriously test my patience with Oscar. )  This game is SUPER easy and a lot of fun to play.  Quick enough that you can start and finish it too.  (games like Sorry and Trouble are great, but unless we get a freak snow storm down here in Florida and are stuck home, games that can go on and on and on for hours are a NO GO! )

Veggie Garden
I have become such an advocate for people having their own gardens, on top of producing your own food, they are so fun for the whole family.  My 2 year old LOVES LOVES LOVES to water the garden and my 4 year old enjoys searching for new blooms, picking plants, planting seeds and just about everything in between.  They are very inexpensive to start up and once you have a  structure you are golden and can just plant seeds or buy "baby" plants for under $3 for a pack of 8.  If you don't have the space you can always plant in flower pots or even get a kiddie plastic pool...punch some holes in the bottom and use that.  I think our garden is so much fun and I am by no means a person with a "green thumb."  There is not much work to a garden once it is done and eating a salad with everything you grew is a GREAT feeling.  Right now we have zucchini, green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, red leaf lettuce, spinach, butter and romaine lettuce, peppers, eggplant and tomatoes.  All I need is a goat and a rice field and we would never have to leave home again!

The Hunger Games Trilogy
I LOVE to read but am always looking for books that don't require much effort as I need stimulation right off the bat else I will either close the book or fall asleep.  I have only read The Hunger Games, waiting on the 2nd book from the Library.  The book was really easy reading (Twilight level) and even though I am not a sci-fi person it really grabbed me.  


These past 10 days have been SO-MUCH-FUN!  No joke!  I am finally feeling like I have an outlet to say what I want and even if nobody reads what I write it is such an amazing form of therapy.  I have been reading many many blogs for years and having some of these ladies comment on my little posts is the greatest feeling in the world.  I am so happy with my 5 followers and hope more trickle on in.  

Tracy Anderson Dvd's

These DVD's are great.  You don't need anything besides a chair, mat and 3# weights and they kick-arse!  Tracy does have a set of cardio dance type DVD's also, but I get enough cardio by running, biking, swimming and hopping on the elliptical, and I can't really imagine bopping around my house once I put the boys to bed at night.   
I bought mine on Amazon and I think they are great!

Asics Kayano 17
No, I don't even own 'em yet because I am cheap and don't want to shell out that kind of money...but aren't they dreamy?  I have a serious sneaker problem.  
"My name is Heather and I have an Asics Kayano addiction!" 
I have owned many many pairs of Kayano's throughout the years and I sometimes wish I had kept them all.  No joke I have probably had between 35 and 40 pairs I would guess.  Right now in my home I have 6 pairs and I sent my mom home with 3 more.  Normally I just have 1 pair for running, another "older" pair for everyday errands, and a pair of old old old ones for garden/yard work.  BUT I found an incredible deal on the 16's and so now I am breaking in 2 pairs with the high hopes of alternating sneakers.  (I have heard it is a great thing to do for the life of your sneakers to allow for the cushion and support to recover after use.)  I buy all of my sneakers through Kelly's Running Warehouse.  Their prices are the cheapest and once you get on their email list they send coupons for $20 off $100 and thing like that all the time.  

Have a great Friday!!

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    So funny, but my foot/ankle (is that a fankle?) feels so much better today too. But, I did rest. Tomorrow I run. SO. How's the taper going? Going crazy yet?