Tuesday, January 4, 2011

31 Tidbits About Me

So, after reading many "Running Mom" blogs over the past years, I thought now being 2011, 26 days before my 1st marathon and also my 31st Birthday would be a great time to dive in.  I am not sure at all what I will write about...probably running, my crazy boys, my hectic life and everything in between.  So, to begin, here are 31 things about me...

1.  I loooove ice cream.  No seriously, you have no idea.  Have you tried Ben and Jerry's S'mores???
2.  I lived in the same home from birth to college, but since have lived in 5 different states (Florida, Arizona, California, Wisconsin, back to Florida)
3.  I felt like I was in a cult while reading the Twilight series, as did my husband. My kids had a mini buffet all day of food and drinks so I could just read and read and read and they could help themselves.
4.  The first blog I ever read was Tonia at Racing With Babes and that was years ago.  I am entertained daily by her and you probably are also!
5.  I played soccer all through college and began triathlons and running races mid way through college.  My longest tri being Wildflower 1/2 Ironman and everything from 5k's to 1/2 marathons running wise.
6.  I have 2 boys, Willsy is 4 and Googles is 2  (not there real names but in fact their nicknames)
7.  My husband was the Chef at Rancho Valencia in Ranch Santa Fe, CA when I began my first job there as the Pastry Assistant right out of Culinary School.
8.  He won me over with a kick ass turkey sandwich (think turkey, a little mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, crispy bacon, toasted bread, and the kicker.....cranberry relish)
9.  My dad was a high school and college basketball coach while I was grown up and I spent many nights asleep in the space between the steps of the gymnasium bleachers covered in winter coats  (I grew up in Rochester NY)
10.  I cannot go to the movie theater and not get popcorn.  I know it is so bad for you and most times I leave the theater with a headache and feeling like crap-o-la, but it is just so freaking good at the moment.
11.  I love Asics Kayano's.  I have worn the exact same running sneaker since 2000.  The 17's just came out and  can't wait to have em!  I am actually waiting on 2 pairs of 16's that should be at my doorstep by the end of the day!
12.  I LOVE to gift my old running sneaks to my mom...she just left today with 4 pairs of "worn in" sneakers.
13.  I built a vegetable garden in my backyard in October and it is one of the most rewarding things ever.
14.  I am a HUGE Syracuse basketball fan....I do love Coach K at Duke also.
15.  Up until this past summer I had no desire to ever run a marathon, but yet I wanted to do an Ironman.  (figure that one out!)
16.  I sometimes wish my Bunco group could forgo the dice for a night and instead play beer pong, flip cup, kings cup and a$$hole.
17.  I drove Ford Aerostar in high school and ended up in many ditches in the winter with its rear wheel drive mixed with 6 foot snow drifts.
18.  I am a proud cookie dough and cake batter eater and have nicely passed the love of both to my 4 year old.
19.  I am the luckiest mom ever in that both my boys would lie around and cuddle all day with me if I asked...serious cuddle monkeys
20.  My favorite movie is Goonies...enough said!
21.  I love Kashi frozen meals.  I probably have 16 or so in my freezer right now.
22.  I have never worn a running skirt and after reading so many running blogs I think I am the only female that doesn't.
23.  I love the stinky, sweaty smell of my boys when they wake up from a nap.
24.  I wish I had a "clean" house all the time.  I prefer to think of my house as tidy
25.  I LOVE watching TV and don't know how myself or my family lived without our DVR.  Mine is usually 1 hour away from exploding and I am constantly having to delete things.
26.  I wish my family was like the one on Cake Boss....all working and living close to one another.  I live a plane ride away from all my family.
27.  I enjoy knitting and hope to finally learn to knit something other than a scarf this year.
28.  I have had 5 knee surgeries.  The first when I was a junior in high school and the most recent was February of 2009.  I was actually told I have no cartilage under my kneecap and have arthritis that would been seen in a 70 year old.  Fabulous!!
29.  I appreciate sleep and am usually in bed by 9:30PM.  In the past month I have fallen asleep before 8PM many times.
30.  I am so lucky that even though my husband works the craziest hours imaginable and goes weeks without a day off, he never complains when I tell him that he has the boys as I am running a 20 miler at 5:30AM the next morning!
31.  I am blessed!


  1. Yay for starting the blog! Thankyou for reading mine:) I've clicked on your name in my comments before!

    1/2 ironman!! I love this whole list. Totally with you on #10, #13, #22!

    What marathon? Coming soon! Excited to follow you!

  2. What a fun list! Thanks for letting me know you started a blog! Can't wait to follow you!

  3. I Love your blog! Fun, I am relatively new to blogging too and i had considered the exact same name!!! We are also around the same age...Ia am 32.
    oh and same here about the twilight series!! I always wanted a big kiss from my hubby when he got home though! oh and i am typing with one hand so forgive the errors...baby in one arm!