Monday, January 17, 2011

Taper on the Mind (or rather losing my mind)

T-Minus 12 days until Miami ING and I may slowly losing it.  (this 1st step is me actually admitting it is happening)

A wonderful blogger, G sent me a link to a very funny letter she received from her coach for me to read during this difficult time (haha).  If you would like to check it out here it is...(G I hope you don't mind, but seeing you had already posted it on your blog I thought it would be OK.)  nofsahmof3

Some of my symptoms:

- A foot problem...came up last week.  Don't recall injuring myself but last week found myself on the couch telling my husband that I wasn't going to be able to run.  I could not walk or run and then POOOOOF it was gone about 3 days later???

- knee pain...possibly tripped over a shoe and twisted my left knee trying to get out the door in the dark on an early morning Starbucks run with the 2 kids in tow.  Ran on the leg today and the 1st half was NOT GOOD.  AND pain started spreading...ahhhhhhhh

- Knee pain became back of leg pain and shin splint pain?  OK, now I am just losing it.  The pain spread to the back of my leg right where my hamstring meets my calf and then spread to my shins???  (I wish I was kidding here but I am NOT!)  Luckily it subsided as I ran, but if really felt like my left leg was a cramped up mess.

NOTE~  I am definitely thinking all these leg and knee pains are because of the weather.  I am NOT a hypochondriac and with all the surgeries I have had on my knees when we have a storm front come through and there is a large pressure change my knees usually feel like crap-o-la.  (did you see Florida on the news???  the whole state was red because of the wonderful storms coming through....I heart a good storm!)

- I just had to run my 12 mile run that got cut short Saturday.  I mean it was my last double digit run of this training cycle and you and I both know if I didn't run it I would just DIE come marathon day  (Am I playing head games or what????)  even though I ran a 21miler last Saturday.  So, into my taper I ran this 12 miler that was supposed to be done Saturday or Sunday because I am looooooosin' in big time!!  

-  AM I getting sick?  Oh Sh*T!!!!!  No I can't be getting sick.  Is that plem in my throat?  (on top of it Oscar, my 4 year old, and middle of the night bed companion (yeah my 4 year old climbs in my bed every night at 2am, but someday he'll stop right?  I mean he won't be a 16 year old in my least I hope not!)  Well, any who....he came into my bed hacking up a lung and complaining of a sore throat.  Is it mean that I told him to stay waaaaaay over THERE and not to look in my direction?  AND when he woke up his nose was a clogged mess and NOW I AM JUST POSITIVE I AM GONNA BE SICK!

-  And finally yesterday I was a sleepy waste of space.  I slept in, found myself napping all day....could it be MONO?  I mean I haven't kissed anyone besides Oz in what 7 years?  (just kidding but I thought I would throw it in there!)

Am I losing it?  


  1. Ha ha! Got a good laugh out of this one! I tore my achilles the day before Boston but miraculously it healed overnight. Thank God!

    Gels in Coffee. GAG!!!! Have fun with the tag! Looking forward to reading it! Hopefully you can make it through the next 12 days of ailments! Good Luck!

  2. lol! You will survive! Get some of those cold-eze losenges and suck on them :) Maybe it will keep away the heebie jeebies.

    Strange leg pains...just two weeks they will all be gone! Just TRUST YOUR PLAN =D rest up and get ready! It's gonna be fun. That's why we do this, right?

  3. Sounds like taper madness to me! Thanks for sharing!

    Relax and enjoy the next week of the taper. You're ready, you just need to trust the training, mentally picture yourself having a successful run.

    In fact, if you know the course and are near enough, see if you can't go run from miles 22 - finish on fresh legs once before race day. That will calm your nerves a bit. And on race day, you'll remember that feeling, those strong legs, and know that when you see the (fill in landmark here) you're at mile 24 and it's time to bring everything you have.