Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday morning rambles...a GYM Story

I have begun 2 other posts and am not feeling the flow today.  SO many little things that I will just have bloggy ADD and go for it, sharing whatever spews out.

Friday at the gym (my 1st day back since the race) I set myself on my recumbent bike, opened up my Catching Fire book (have you begun the Hunger Games trilogy yet???  what are you waiting for...go grab the 1st book!!  NOW!) and began a nice, leisurely spin on the bike when I overheard a conversation between the receptionist and gym member.  The member was making sure her auto pay for unlimited classes would stop b/c the "other" gym has free classes.  I was confused and wanted to know more....I swear I am not an eavesdropper!

So, after my time reading..I mean exercising on the bike I walked over to the receptionist and began to pick her brain.  I asked stupid questions about the different classes and then asked for a new class schedule...with that she looked at me and told me that the gym was closing the next day.  Um say what?  My gym that I have paid for my membership in full is closing?  She informed me that the place went bankrupt and so on in 2 days ago, as in the day after this inquiry my gym would not be there to help tame my exercise addiction.   LUCKILY there was another gym in town that would "have" us.

SO, me being me got home and called this other gym.  I explained who I was and said I was just curious about the stipulations and such and the lady from the new gym was SHOCKED I knew about the closure.  She began asking me 20 questions about how I knew, who else knew and other bizzar-o stuff.  I am not sure if it was just me, but in my opinion the fact that nobody had the nerve to tell anyone yet about this gym closing was a bit off.  Needless to say she said I was welcome to begin using this other gym and so that was that.

Fast forward to today and my 1st trip to said gym.  I love it, I feel at home.  I am happy as a clam.  Wanna know why?  because they have heard it right, my favoritest elliptical EVER.  My past gym had Cybex somethin' or other and we never "gelled" like the Precor.  I mean Little Miss Precor and I go back..I mean way back to 1997 when we were first introduced.  I heart her!  I really do.  If there was an Olympic sport for the Precor I would WIN!  HANDS DOWN.  I can stay on that puppy for hours.  Time flies...I sweat, I relax...I feel golden!  So, my new gym and I are HAPPY!

Wanna know what else makes me happy about it?  They keep it warm in there.  Yours truly likes a sweat fest.  If I ain't sweeten' I ain't working' hard enough.  20 minutes on Ms. Precor, followed by a quick 20 on a very nice treadmill (much nicer than the scuffed up ones of my old gym) and 20 minutes on my lounger..I mean recumbent bike reading and I was SOAKED.  Ring out the shirt soaked!

In addition I saw many of my peeps there...trainers, fellow gym goers and all.   It felt a little like high school....the new kids in a huddle and the old kids just glaring at us....infringing on their territory.  All was good though and "TONY" one of the trainers form my old gym even came up to me and said the following..."Don't worry Heather, everything is going to be alright here..."  It made me laugh...I mean we are just talking about a gym after all!

DO you have a favorite gym??  What makes a gym more appealing to you from one to another?
my favorite gym ever was the one back in NY where I grew up...the Penfield Raquet and Fitness Club.  I LOVED that place.  I still say I would move back just for that gym.  I felt comfortable there and loved the family feel of it.

my least favorite was a huge, 2 story LA Fitness in Murrieta CA.  This huge boxy thing with big time men all jacked up and lots of bueno!

I was going to share more ramblings, but this is quite enough.

ONE more numbers jumped to 23 this weekend and I am so excited to have more followers.  It makes me so happy that my nonsense is enjoyed by others....


  1. Crazy gym drama!

    My favorite gym is one town over - unlimited classes, basketball court, hot tubs, outdoor pool, and plenty of cardio and weight equipment. The only problem is it's 4 times the cost of the cheapo gym with no amentities .... After buying a house, there was no choice! Someday I'll be rich and get to go back!

  2. I MUST TRY YOUR ICE CREAM SANDWICHES. You made me drool! K, I am so happy you love the new gym!! That is crazy that yours went out of business!! Enjoy the beautiful equipment! 2 workouts are a rock star!

  3. Glad you liked the protein bars!!

    So glad you found a gym you truly love--that makes it easier to go! I loved 24 hour fitness in Omaha, but have to use Anytime here in Pullman, WA

  4. that's so nutty about your gym! Glad you found a new one quick!

  5. I have a lot of respect for anyone who can stay on an elliptical for hours!! lol.. You must have the ability to block everything out.

    We don't have a gym, but i just got a used weight bench and a barbell and a few weights for it. =D

  6. I was digging the local Y before I got pregnant, broke and moved away. lol

    Sounds like the new gym is a keeper! :)

    And I am so delighted to be one of the 23... your blog is quite fun!

  7. So glad you found a gym you like! And I loved the Hunger Game books! They were like literary crack! :) Love your blog! I love my 24 hour fitness...and I will never want to get rid of my membership of $20 a month for unlimited usage anywhere in the U.S! Even if I don't use it, it is worth holding on to the membership.

  8. That is so weird that your gym was closing and they did not tell you the mintue you walked in the door! Strange. Glad you like the new gym. We have precors at the gym I work out at and I must admit, I stay away from them for the most part. I do mostly weight training at the gym. I go to Planet Fitness at it serves my needs and budget. I am a personal trainer, so I would love to be at a gym that has lots of equimpment and room to a bunch of different exercises.

  9. Weird that they weren't more upfront about the closing, but at least you like the new gym! Lots of grunters make me like a gym less. Readily available treadmills are a must; spin classes are a big plus.