Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Good, The Bad and The UGLY- ING Miami Marathon Style!

As I shared yesterday, my first Marathon, 1 week ago on my 21st...I mean 31st Birthday went well.  I was a bit disappointed, but in the scope of the larger picture I think I did very well for training on my own, missing a lot of the filler runs and fueling properly.  BUT there were some Good things, some BAD things and 1 or 2 quite UGLY things that went with this race.  (the good outweighs the others by a TONS! )

The Good!
- My husband and I had our first night away with no kids in 1,493 days...yeah that's right just over 4 years...since our 4 year old was born.  AND it was quite possibly the most relaxing night.  I mean we were in bed at 8pm and up at 3:15am...slept in separate full sized beds and were not woken up once by a child.  (it was the most un-romantic night EVER! )

- We arrived on Friday night and our hotel was right on the water, directly behind Versace's house...great location.  We did a quick jog Saturday to get used to Miami weather and loosen up right on the beach.

-For the first time in a very long time I felt NO post run injury pain....which meant NO post run ice.  It was really the first time in months I did not ice my knees, feet, Achilles or anything.  Great feeling (even though my body was full of post race aches and soreness)

-Whatever I did Friday and Saturday worked because following 3 port-o-potty stops between 5am and 6:15am I did not stop once during the race to visit a port-o-jon!  I didn't eat crazy, but just pretty normal.  The best thing ever was the Starbucks VIA I got to make a quick cup of coffee in my hotel room (no coffee makers!)

-It was a great experience running a race on my Birthday.  I wish I had put something like "BD Girl" or something on my bib instead of "Heather."  It would have been great to be wished Happy Birthday by 1000's of people.

- I got to spend a fun filled 48 hours with friends and my was great to get away knowing that my mom had the boys.  The girls and I stayed in bed Saturday morning until 11am watching E! and then just relaxed the rest of the day until the husbands arrived.  We ate great food and had great conversation.

- I ran a marathon in 4:20 which was a sub 10 minute pace.  I know I am capable of so much more and I will find ways to drop that time considerably!

-I treated myself to some amazing hot pink Zensah recovery socks Monday morning...granted we will be eating Ramen noodles for weeks because of the price, but my lower legs loved it and I think they are heavenly...and pretty cute too!

-My husband (Oz) and Jens husband got along great and wore their backpack chairs...they watched the sun rise in the median of the road at the race start.  Quite a cute two-some!
The Bad
-Unfortunately the race t shirt was a bit less than stellar.  The shirt looks blue with one of the sleeves striped orange and white, but the cut is NOT for a female.  The seams come right across my chest...and the sleeves come down past my elbows...LOVELY!

- Sunday after the race I felt OK.  Monday morning I felt OK.  Monday afternoon I hit a wall straight on.  My legs killed...I was side shuffling around my house.  I also felt nauseous due because I was dehydrated. I don't think I drank nearly enough fluids after the race...and my skin was covered with salt when I finished.

-I am a light sleeper and the first night I shared a room with my 2 friends...needless to say they snored and I ended up sleeping in the bathtub.  It was a little small, but nice a quiet!

-Yes our hotel was in a fabulous location, but it seemed more like the hostel I stayed in while backpacking through Ireland.  The rooms looked like "sheek" dorms and there were people coming and going all night long.  It was a loud couple of nights...

The Ugly
-Ahhhh my toe. I never felt any pain when I was running, but when I got back to the hotel I noticed blood all over the top of my sneaker.  When I removed my shoe my sock was completely red and under the sock my foot was all bloody.  (I did take a picture but I will spare you from that visual...)

Hope your weekend is going great.


  1. I loved reading this recap! I had forgotten you celebrated your birthday exactly on Marathon Day…that is pretty darn cool! (The 30th was also my stepdaughter's 31st birthday :) ). So funny that you calculated the number of days since your last kidless overnight w/ hubby…I'd do something like that too :) p.s. I hope my comment yesterday didn't come across as negative…i meant it in all the most positive of ways.

  2. You did GREAT! Congratulations!

  3. POOR TOE!!! Girl, that is so cool you ran it on your BDAY!!! You did amazing and yay for knees and everything feeling great and NO porto stops during the race. So cool about the hotel and getting away from the kids for once:) You really are amazing and those socks look awesome!
    PS I totally agree about the 2 flavor things at Golden much more. Glad you had an amazing b-fast today and have a great Sunday!! Congrats on your race.

  4. Yikes :( I'm glad all that was "Ugly" was your toe, but that is the worst!! Awesome race recap, and just go a head and wear your hot socks every day to make them worth the price? Who cares... you are totally worth it! What a fun b-day occasion, and YES you totally should have put B-day Girl on your shirt! Next time... :)

  5. OK-first of all, Super congratulations on completing your first marathon!!!!!!! On your birthday at that-Finisher's medals make the best gifts I think! Great Job!

    I totally laughed at your romantic evening away! That is just classic!

    Sorry about the toe:( I lost my first toenail (quite an accomplishment hey!) at Boston. I didn't notice it during the race but afterwards-OUCH! Downhills=toenail demise!

    Thankyou so much for your many words of encouragement! I thoroughly appreciate them! I always love reading your comments!

    Again, congrats on an amazing accomplishment! I'm sure there will be many more in your future!

  6. Very cool! Running a marathon on your birthday! I LOVE that idea! Sorry about your toe. OUCH!

    Sounds like you ran a great race, 26.1 miles in sub 10min/mile pace... AMAZING!